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“In fall 2017, there were 6,651,536 students enrolled in any distance education courses at degree-granting postsecondary institutions.”

-U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.
Digest of Education Statistics 2018

What’s the point of putting time and energy into earning a degree online only to find out that the degree is relatively useless? Before deciding which degree to pursue, make sure you determine which online degree is most useful for your own situation. Discover the four most relevant, high-demand degrees.

When it comes to your career, does it feel like you’re giving a lot more than you’re receiving? A dead-end job doesn’t just mean less money in the bank. It also means a predictable “fixed” limit on your earning potential. There’s a term for making less than you know you’re worth: underemployed.

What college is right for me?

One of the most important decisions that a soon-to-be adult will make is choosing a college. You’ll need to figure out which of the following works best for you:

✓ Do I start at a two-year college?
✓ Public versus private schools?
✓ Staying home or going away?

What degree is right for me?

You may be wondering what type of degree program is right for you. The answer is that only you can determine that because it depends on your goals, needs, and preferences. Ask yourself:

✓ What are my interests?
✓ How hard am I willing to work?
✓ How transferable are my skills?

How do online college classes work?

Whether you’re seeking your first degree or hoping to further your education, online education is a convenient and affordable option. Things to research:

✓ What do you need?
✓ What will I be expected to do?
✓ How do I take my exams?

Most Popular Programs

Currently, the most popular online education programs are:

Business—A degree in business prepares students for employment in a variety of fields through the study of many different aspects of business management.

Criminal Justice—Criminal justice careers are extremely popular today, and they offer people the rewarding opportunity to serve and protect their communities.

Healthcare Administration—A healthcare administration degree prepares one for a senior leadership role in a hospital or other in-patient care facility.

Nursing—Nursing is a field of study that’s great for those who love to work with and care for people.

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