What Can You Do with a Communications Degree?

Communications is a popular college major. In today’s global society where digital media is becoming very popular and more and more interactions are taking place across cultures, communication degrees can lead to some interesting career paths. Below is a list with explanations of five different options that individuals who have a communications degree may be interested in pursuing.


One field that some people with communication majors end up in is journalism. Journalism is a widespread field since it includes reporting for television shows, traditional media outlets and digital media. Communication degrees typically contain a component of writing to prepare individuals to be able to articulate news stories well. Some journalists work for a particular group or publication while others are freelance journalists and choose their own assignments and then attempt to sell their articles. In addition to writing, working as a journalist may include article or page layout and some photography skills. Many communication degree programs offer some arts classes as part of the major. These options are a good idea to give individuals more marketable skills.

Work in Public Relations

The field of public relations uses many relevant skills to communications since the primary goal of public relations departments is to manage the flow of information between a company and outside sources. Part of managing information is helping to maintain a positive public image. This job may entail releasing or editing news stories, making public spoken statements, creating and monitoring social networking sites for a company and working with a marketing team. People with communication degrees are valuable assets to public relations teams since they are well-versed in a variety of communication types.

Starting a Business

Communication majors who are also interested in entrepreneurship are good candidates to start their own business. People who are well-versed in company branding and in using various social media platforms may consider starting a public relations firm. Companies are often looking for the insight of talented promoters, and recent graduates who are adept in all of the latest social media sites and current technologies are sought after to help corporations improve or maintain their image and keep them current and relevant to a new generation. Starting a business can seem intimidating, particularly in difficult economic times, so individuals interested in this will need to be very determined and persistent and have a strong business plan and source of funding.

Working in Administration for a Corporation

Communication degrees can help individuals land administration jobs for major companies. Often these jobs are a stepping stone to other positions within a company. Secretarial work or entry level sales or marketing may be part of the job description. Individuals interested in working for a high-power company or firm will find that beginning in an administrative job is a good entry point and that their communication degree will qualify them and make them a strong applicant for this type of position. Many of these jobs don’t necessarily require a communications degree, but individuals can use their communications background to stand out among other job applications and to work their way up within a company.

Technical Writer or Communicator

Technical writers are an increasingly in-demand job position, especially in the fields of software and healthcare. Writers who can communicate instructions and explanations well and concisely are needed by companies to write instruction manuals or support documents. While this might not sound like the most exciting job, graduates can find work that pays well for companies that offer many benefits. Technical writers often need good problem-solving skills and good people skills since they may frequently have to work on a team with other departments to complete writing assignments.

The five jobs listed above are just a few of the options that exist for individuals who have communications degrees. The field of communications is a broad area that overlaps with many other fields and professions. Individuals interested in a particular job should make sure to explain all the skills learned through a communications program and market it as a good fit for a job opening. The written, oral and digital communication skills that are taught through communication degree programs are valuable to modern companies and will help individuals in finding good jobs.

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