What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

One of the most versatile college programs that helps secure a variety of career opportunities can be found by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in business. Students who complete an educational business program may choose to specialize in administration, marketing, finance, information technology or other aspects of business applications.

Business degrees provide basic knowledge about all aspects of effectively managing an organization whether it involves a multi-office corporation or a sole proprietorship. In addition, a business degree provides a source of credibility for many job opportunities. Students will gain access to lucrative employment opportunities in finance, retail, government, health care or non-profit organizations in addition to large corporate operations.

Applying a Business Degree to a Corporate Environment

New graduates who have completed their business education gain the ability to manage and supervise many functions found within a corporate environment. Human resource management, the hiring and planning of personnel, is an important part of a major corporation’s daily operations. These positions may entail international travel to recruit new workers and often draws on the experience gained from working and studying with people of varied ethnic backgrounds. A business degree which includes coursework in accounting and economics can be applied to jobs that require a background in financial issues. The combination of business and economics opens many doors within the corporate world.

Working within Marketing and Advertising Functions

Marketing positions typically play an important role in generating increased business growth and provide high salary potential. Business graduates may be involved in designing and implementing a marketing strategy that includes managing an effective advertising campaign. Exhibit planning and organizing corporate events requires people skills as well as solid business knowledge. A desirable marketing position may include the development of international business relationships. Desirable jobs are available as marketing planners who are responsible for attracting new business clients. Students with a current business degree may also focus on Internet marketing techniques and can apply their knowledge to website design and implementation. Some background in information technology should be part of the business degree program for these applications.

Why a College Degree Benefits Small Business Owners

In addition to acquiring pertinent knowledge about daily business operations, a business degree adds credibility for the small business owner. Lucrative job possibilities include becoming a financial planner, an independent work situation that requires expertise in economics and investment strategies. Real estate brokers are required to complete special education coursework and examinations, but having a business degree can be an important first step in achieving that goal. Independent marketing specialists help their clients increase Internet sales, develop advertising campaigns and provide advice on selecting the most appropriate methods for their clients. Small business opportunities offer flexibility and high profit potential.

Using a Business Degree to Advance in a Career

Being promoted into a corporate management position often takes many years, particularly for an employee without a college degree. Work experience can sometimes be credited towards a degree and some companies will help finance an employee’s education if it relates to the job. Workers who take the initiative to complete a business degree have a better chance for advancement. Many business education programs are designed for working adults and are tailored to address current business issues. Internship programs that offer part time employment are another way to enter a career field and are offered through various business education programs.

Completing a Masters Degree in Business for Added Impact

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration degree, broadens an individual’s chance for future advancement. Employers realize the value of a student’s time spent learning valuable training and techniques offered through these programs that can be immediately applied to their job. In many cases, job candidates without a master’s degree have a lesser chance of securing the most lucrative position.

Business graduates gain the opportunity to focus on specific fields of interest such as marketing, finance or administration. Students who evaluate their strongest assets and focus on their ability to interact with clients, other employees and management personnel may be ensured of a successful career. A business degree is the most adaptable educational program that offers future employment and financial security.

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