High-Demand Degrees

What’s the point of putting time and energy into earning a degree online only to find out that the degree is relatively useless? Before deciding which degree to pursue, make sure you determine which online degree is most useful for your own situation. Here’s a look at four of the most relevant, high-demand degrees in 2015, according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

High-Demand Degrees. Fastest Growing Jobs.

You can call them whatever you want to call them, but we’ve chosen to call “high-demand degrees” as any degree that relates to an sample of some of the fastest growing jobs. Some fields are growing so quickly that any hesitancies employers might have towards online degrees (versus brick & mortar) will make little or no difference in their hiring decisions. And whether you’re looking for your first career, career advancement, or a complete career change, it would be wise for you to know these high-demand degrees with high demand for markets and jobs in 2015 – and the fastest growing jobs for the foreseeable future:

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is projected to grow a rapid 22% over the next decade. This change is largely due to demographic factors affecting the United States. As more and more members of the Baby Boomer generation prepare for retirement, people of working age will be faced with increased challenges helping their parents and other elderly relatives maintain quality of life. Home health aides, certified nurse assistants, nurses and other healthcare workers will enjoy much higher job demand than most (possibly “all”) industries.

Master’s in Business Administration

Businesspeople who already have a bachelor’s degree and wish to advance within their current company or field will find an online MBA program to be particularly useful. They can earn their degree online at their own pace while maintaining their current position and continuing to accrue valuable work experience.

Information Technology Degrees and Certifications

Information technology, like healthcare, is an industry that is growing swiftly. Employers in this field are usually less concerned about where network administrators studied than the skills they possess. Because technology is constantly changing, students are choosing to focus on specified types of IT degrees. High-demand degrees are degrees that keep up with the many changes in hardware, software, networking and other technologies in this challenging educational area; by focusing on a single facet in this field, many are finding it is easier to become experts in one of the many information technology areas of study.

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies

Paralegals can work for law firms, but they can also work for small and medium businesses who cannot afford the cost of hiring a lawyer. With only a two-year degree, paralegals can earn close to $50,000 per year, making this fastest growing job a shoe-in for our list of high-demand degrees.

Reviewing and considering these relevant, 2015 high-demand degrees, should help you research areas of study that you might pursue now or in the near future. Online or not, grabbing some more credentials make a few things obvious:

  • certain degrees will have more appeal from employers than others
  • be sure your degree is earned from a reputable university
  • make sure that university is accredited by a recognized accreditation body
  • do your research. it’s YOUR future we’re talking about