What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

A psychology degree prepares students for a variety of careers through the study of the human mind and behavior. Students who pursue a degree in psychology are able to select from a wide variety of specializations and concentrations that enable them to focus on a particular field of study, such as educational or developmental psychology. Students that graduate with a degree in psychology leave school with skills in critical thinking, research and writing, making them a valuable asset to many different companies. It is for this reason that majoring in psychology prepares students for many entry-level and professional positions both in and out of the field of science and research. Due to the wide range of career opportunities that are available to psychology graduates, it is important to know what types of career options are available with the different levels of psychology degrees.

Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology Careers

An associate of arts degree in psychology can typically be completed in approximately two years. Many schools and universities offer flexible and online courses that can help to make completing this degree easier for students. This degree lays the groundwork for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, while also preparing students for entry-level positions in psychology related fields. Some popular career opportunities at this educational level are social services clerk, drug counseling assistant, and other paraprofessional counseling positions. Leadership positions in nursing homes, recreational facilities and career development centers are also ideal options for individuals who enjoy helping others.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology Careers

A bachelor of arts degree in psychology can be completed in four years by full time students. This degree includes coursework in a student’s selected area of specialization and can prepare them for work in many types of human services careers. Individuals with a degree at the bachelor’s level in psychology are eligible to work as drug and alcohol counselors, social services case workers, and as psychiatric technicians. Several universities and businesses also hire graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology to work as laboratory assistants that conduct research regarding human behavior. Also, students find that the careers they are eligible for with a bachelor’s degree can provide them with research skills that they are able to use when doing graduate work towards a specialized degree.

Master of Arts or Science Degree in Psychology Careers

A master’s degree in psychology involves deeper coursework in a student’s selected field of specialization. This is a post-baccalaureate degree that usually takes from two to three years to complete. Master’s level graduates are eligible to become licensed professional counselors and can begin to provide counseling services to clients. They can also become marriage and family therapists who help couples and families to resolve conflicts and improve interpersonal communication. Many people with a master’s degree also find jobs working with psychologists and in other medical fields.

Doctoral Degrees in Psychology Careers

Students with a desire to become a psychologist must obtain a doctoral degree. There are several different types of post-baccalaureate degrees that can be earned depending upon a student’s desired career path. Graduates become eligible to become either psychologists or psychiatrists upon completion of these advanced degrees. Psychologists often specialize in the areas of research, clinical practice or counseling. Psychiatrists must obtain a medical degree and are able to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medicine.

Alternative Career Options for Psychology Degrees

Post-graduation, many people discover that the skills they learned while pursuing their psychology degree also make them eligible for many other types of careers. Education is a common career path for people with a psychology degree. Depending upon the degree level, a person might choose to be a child care worker or a teacher. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is ideal for someone who would like to teach psychology to others at a secondary school level. Because of the unique skills acquired while obtaining a degree in psychology, many businesses will seek graduates for their sales and marketing teams.

A degree in psychology offers many different types of careers. The skills and knowledge regarding human behavior acquired while earning a degree in psychology, combined with the research and writing that is completed in the process, makes students holding a degree in psychology highly sought after by many businesses and careers. The variety of skills learned through obtaining a psychology degree makes graduates eligible for a wide range of careers that are suited towards their interests and areas of specialization.

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