Degree Programs

There are so many online degree programs that it may be difficult to choose which one to select. Not all of these degree programs will suit you, however. Some people are business-minded while others prefer the humanities; some want a more creative occupation while others enjoy being more analytical. That’s why you should choose the degree program that best suits your goals, needs, and preferences.


Audiology is the branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Its practitioners, who treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent damage, are audiologists. What is an audiologist? The profession of audiology is dedicated to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing loss.

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Depending on your chosen field and career aspirations, there are many aspects of degree programs in business management that will interest you. Students in this degree program can choose from a wide range of specialty departments such as accounting, marketing, public relations or business administration.

Choosing to focus your education in one or more of these specialized fields increases your likelihood of finding employment in your desired career. Because many schools offer business degree programs through the advanced levels in both online and on-campus formats, a business degree is available to students from all types of backgrounds and any education level.

The higher that educational level, the more career opportunities abound for graduates with business degrees.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice careers are extremely popular today, and they are some of the few careers that offer people the rewarding opportunity to serve and protect their community. In the past few years, many students have been choosing to earn criminal justice degrees, due mainly to the fact that they offer a broad range of employment opportunities for people to choose among.

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An education degree is designed to prepare the student for a career as an educator. Many students choose a degree in education because they want to teach children in a classroom.

Others start with a bachelor’s degree but later earn a graduate degree to allow them access to careers in administration. Teachers in public schools must have a bachelor’s degree and a state license to teach.

Many states have separate licenses for teachers of different age groups such as early childhood, elementary grades, middle school (or intermediate), and high school.

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Early Childhood Education

It seems as though every year we see or hear about more changes to the education system and what our children are expected to learn to keep our country and our students competitive with other countries and to prepare them for productive careers. The response of many parents is to get back to the basics and teach children the basics.

This is especially important considering the continued booming demand for mathematics in this world.

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There are many career choices for people who have engineering degrees. Most of these jobs require people to have creative skills and expertise in both mathematics and science.

The main types of engineers are electrical, mechanical, chemical, computer and civil.  However, there are many subcategories as well.

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General Studies

A general studies degree is an undergraduate degree that allows students to select from a broad range of courses in a variety of subjects in the liberal arts, humanities, and science fields. Most colleges and universities offer these degree programs in a variety of formats, and it is often the degree of choice for students who are still undecided regarding their major.

Because of the broad range of knowledge and ideas that this degree exposes graduates to, a general studies degree holds infinite possibilities for possible career paths. A student can choose to tailor this degree to fit their own interests and select courses that can be adapted to apply to any potential employment situation.

Graduating from a general studies program signifies that a student has obtained a well-rounded education that includes skills in research, oral and written communication, and critical thinking.

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Graphic Design

If you tell people that you’re going to get a graphic art & design degree, they’ll likely tell you to save your money, that you don’t need a degree to work in those fields. What these people are missing out on, though, is that a graphic art and design degree isn’t there to work as a meal ticket in and of itself.

A medical degree or a legal degree is something that you need in order to work in those fields. In art and design, you don’t need the degree, you need what the degree implies.

Healthcare Administration

A healthcare administration degree programs prepare graduates for senior leadership roles in a hospital or other in-patient care facility. It isn’t indicative of a medical background; a healthcare administrator will probably work side-by-side with the medical director in a given care facility.

Instead, this degree provides the business and leadership acumen that allows facility leadership to maximum efficiency, patient outcomes and, ultimately, profit.

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Human Services

A degree in human services allows students to pursue a wide field of careers that allow them to help people while being able to support themselves. Human services job opportunities are doorways to careers helping children, adults, seniors, and full families, and students on this bright career path can look forward to a quickly growing industry.

Careers students may go into include substance abuse counseling, employment counseling, correctional facility work, and activities coordination.

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Information Technology

Finding a job after graduation can be difficult. For this reason, an increasing number of people are seeking to further their education in and about IT degree programs.

There is a larger job market for people with backgrounds in technology and employers are actively seeking them. In the last couple of years technology has become an increasingly vital part of our day-to-day lives.

People who do not consider themselves “computer savvy” are finding their niche with specialized IT degree that focus on animation, graphic design, or online education.

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Web Development and Web Design

Degrees in Web development differ somewhat from Web design degrees. Web developers are software engineers and need to be fluent in programming languages specifically for the Web and Internet.

This field is expected to increase up to 22 percent over the next 10 years. Many schools offer classes but, because of curriculum changes and technology advances from year to year, it’s often recommended that students take online technical training.

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Does the idea of working in the field of law excite you? Maybe you have considered different degrees in law and going to school to become a lawyer, but you are hesitant because you’re not quite sure which law path to take. Granted, there are a lot of choices in the field of law and many types of lawyers, but you really can’t go wrong in pursuing a law degree.


Paralegals perform the support work needed to keep private law offices and public legal departments running smoothly. Paralegals, also called legal assistants, cannot practice law but work closely with attorneys.

Some paralegals may be asked to focus on document review while others may spend most of their time speaking with clients, witnesses and courts. Paralegals don’t perform the sometimes glamorous work of attorneys, but the high demand for legal assistants, coupled with the lower educational cost, keeps attracting qualified people to the field.

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It seems as though every year we see or hear about more changes to the education system and what our children are expected to learn to keep our country and our students competitive with other countries and to prepare them for productive careers. The response of many parents is to get back to the basics and teach children the basics.

This is especially important considering the continued booming demand for mathematics in this world.

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Medical Assistants / Medical Records

If you’re interested in become part of the medical profession and in a position where you can help others, why not check into medical assisting. A medical assistant and medical records play an important role while performing both clinical and administrative tasks.


Some people enjoy working with and caring for the health of individuals. Earning a nursing degree is one of many doors into a rewarding career in the medical field. Nurses’ roles and responsibilities have evolved to far more than just bedside care.

Specialized fields like cardiac, dermatologic, and neurological care among others are reported to increase in demand more that 26 percent by 2020. Those who choose to explore degree programs in nursing will find that there are many new and different options to complete their education, training, and specified certifications.

Many of the necessary courses are now offered completely online or with a part-time classroom option to complete.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists (also called physiotherapists) work to improve patients’ physical functions through physical exams, diagnosis, prognosis, physical interventions, rehabilitation, and patient education. In the United States, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is a professional organization that supports physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs), and students of physical therapy.

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Psychology and Counseling

The field of psychology is one of the best to work in because of its good stability compared to other jobs. It won’t fluctuate with the changing economy, can’t be outsourced to another country and will always be a much-needed service.

However, one must earn a psychology degree in order to take full advantage if this excellent career path. Even then, that doesn’t make one a psychologist.

In order to practice psychology in a professional setting, it’s necessary to take a graduate or doctoral course that may last between four and seven years longer than the original four-year undergraduate course. Unfortunately, doctoral programs aren’t easy to get into.

Many of the best colleges only accept between two and five percent of the students who apply. Students who score high on the GRE Psychology Test are the most likely candidates.

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