What Are the Pros of Online Education?

Flexibility of Time

When people talk about and debate about what are the pros of online education, one of the first things that comes up is the flexibility in time that online classes give. Online classes rarely have a specific time in which everyone must meet unlike traditional college courses which meet on a regular basis. Most class discussions take place over a period of time in an open forum setting on discussion boards. Along with no set class times most homework assignments, quizzes, and tests also have a period of time before they are due. Once an assignment is given then students are able to take their time and hand the assignment in at any point up to the deadline. This flexibility of time makes online classes a very appealing option for a wide range of people from parents to busy professionals trying to further their degrees. The student, therefore, has whatever time works best for them to complete each of the given tasks of the class. For example, a parent might do their work while their children are at school whereas a nine to five business person might come home after work and complete their assignments.

Cost Benefits

In today’s economy how we spend our money becomes a huge topic, therefore, when one is looking at what are the pros of online education cost becomes an important part of the decision making processes. This would start with some of the obvious cost saving features of an online education. There is no commuting to school for classes since all classes are streamed straight to one’s computer. If one wants to take classes at a school that is too far away to commute they would have to relocate for the time either in a dorm at the school or rent a place nearby. Online classes mean that someone in Ohio can take classes at a school that is Florida without leaving the state allowing the student to save money on normal housing expenses of school. Another cost saving factor of not being at a traditional school is in classroom supplies and possibly textbooks too. Online classes tended not to have a need for as many supplies and many of their learning materials are in the form of online reading material. Then there is the most costly of factors for either online classes or traditional classes which is tuition. Most of the time the tuition costs for online classes is cheaper than its traditional counterpart.

Elective Options

There is another thing to note in what are the pros of online education and that is the overall class load. The traditional college for a degree typically requires that students take many different types of elective classes before they even can take classes in their chosen major. Online courses typically allow one to go directly into the courses directly associated to their chosen major. This eliminates elective classes that are not needed for the particular major and allows the student to save time and money. It allows online courses to be more specialized for the benefit of the student.


The fast pace world we live in does not allow for much time to improve our knowledge and become better employees in the workplace so new options need to be found. Online educations allow hard working people to further they education and do what they love. The flexibility in time allows for students to better manage their daily lives so that they can accomplish the tasks for them to get ahead. Classes are on a weekly basis not on a set time along with the assignments, quizzes, and tests which also have a period of time to be turned on before the deadline arrives. Students thus can work or take care of their child and study or complete work at their convenience without rushing to see a professor to turn in their work. From their homes or wherever they can access the internet which now can be down virtually anywhere with a laptop or tablet, students have the freedom to complete assignments without speeding down the highway to reach their professor. Therefore with no commute students can save money on gas and even, in the more traditional sense, save on housing costs. The go to school where they already live. The likelihood of not having to purchase as many supplies or even text books is another way the online student saves money. The online student also typically pays less for their classes allowing them to accumulate even more savings as all the cost saving benefits are added up. Lastly, learning towards a chosen major takes less time online because of fewer elective requirements.