Top 10 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Online Degree

It’s never been easier to get a college degree. Technology has put higher education within everyone’s reach. Of course, the process can seem intimidating, and it’s easy to put it off. But the benefits of continuing your education online far outweigh the little bit of effort it takes to get started. Here’s a rundown of the best reasons to stop procrastinating.

10. Online education can fit into your current lifestyle. Flexible scheduling means you can “attend” class any time, day or night. You can keep your job, and you won’t have to try to arrange childcare around your schedule. Some online colleges admit students and begin classes monthly, so you may not even have to wait for a semester break.

9. It’s not as hard to get in as you might think. Sure, Ivy League universities require a top high school GPA and off-the-chart test scores. But an online education is accessible to anyone who has the motivation to make it happen. If you have a high school diploma or you’ve earned your GED, you are eligible to continue your education.

8. An online degree is affordable. Don’t let money stop you from pursuing your dreams. Federal financial aid is available for accredited online courses. You could qualify for grants, loans and scholarships based on need or merit.

7. It’s time to take control of your life. You are the only person who can ensure a better life for yourself and your family. Your financial situation and career prospects won’t improve unless you do the work to make it happen.

6. You can make a difference in the world. With an education, you can give back to your community, state, country and world. Your new knowledge skills will put you in a better position to contribute your time and talents to help others.

5. A college degree opens doors. As the economy continues its slow recovery, the job openings are going to — you guessed it — college graduates. Historically, unemployment rates tend to be lower among those who have a degree. That little piece of paper can make all the difference in landing an interview and a great new job.

4. The personal and professional connections you make in college are invaluable. You might not realize it, but many job openings are filled by candidates who have a connection to the company. That’s because people use networking to fill jobs. Professors, fellow students and the college career center are all potential sources for job leads.

3. You owe yourself a satisfying career. Don’t stay stuck in a job you hate with no room for growth and advancement. Put yourself on the path to a real career, such as nursing, business administration, criminal justice, teaching or computer programming. If you’re already in a great job, continuing your education online is way to prepare yourself for promotions and increased responsibility.

2. You’ll find a new sense of accomplishment and pride. A college degree is something to be proud of, especially if you’re juggling family life with a job and your classes. Every class you complete moves you one step closer to your goal of a better career and more secure future. For single mothers, another benefit is the example you’re setting for your children by earning your degree.

1. College graduates make more money. A study done by Georgetown University says a high school graduate can expect to earn an average of $15.67 per hour, while a person with an associate’s degree can expect an average of $20.77. Bump that degree to a bachelor’s, and the average hourly wage reaches above $27. That difference in wages is the equivalent of having an extra working adult in the household.

Don’t sit around on your couch complaining about your huge bills and your terrible job. Do something about it. You have no excuse for not improving your life. Start by figuring out which career field interests you. Next, begin researching online degree programs that might fit your needs. Time is valuable, so don’t let it get away from you. Take the first step today toward a new life for you and your family.