Tablet Computers Helping Children with Special Needs

The iPad was an innovative computing device when it first came out. Since then, the tablet computer has continued to be put to good use. It has proven especially successful with special needs students who are struggling to learn. This technology has been a godsend to both students and teachers.

Students With Autism Learn To Communicate

Autism is a wide-ranging illness. Some children are perfectly functional while other have disabilities that last a lifetime. However, a tablet computer gives the autistic student the ability to talk, write and follow along with the rest of the class. For example, a teacher can present a student with a tablet that has a menu application. The student can then choose what he wants for lunch. Over time, the student learns to recognize the sounds, letters and pictures that make up the menu. The student learns without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Stay In Touch With Teachers

The students can take their tablets wherever they go. This gives them a tool to communicate with teachers no matter where the student is. A Skype application allows the student and the teacher to communicate face-to-face outside of school when a student has a question. Parents can also use this communication tool to have conferences with teachers if they are concerned about how their children are doing in school. It works well for students who don’t get the attention that they may need in school because the teacher has so many other students to pay attention to during class.

Keep Students Organized

Organization is important when it comes to doing well in school. Messy desks, illegible writing and lost homework can doom even the best student. However, the tablet allows students to organize all their work into one place. A schedule application can help a student remember that there is a test tomorrow or that a book report is due on Friday. Many kids prefer typing to writing out notes in school. Voice recognition software allows students to simply talk their notes into their computer which eliminates writing altogether.

Dive Into The Story

Getting a child to read can be a huge challenge even if the child likes reading. This is because a child with dyslexia or lacks basic reading skills may not get much out of the story. This all changes with the tablet. Stories can be read to the student, interactive reading activities can be used to help students understand the text and links to historical information is also available. It helps kids with special needs understand what they are reading and get more out of it. A child who understands what is being taught will be less frustrated and more apt to want to learn more on his or her own.

Tablets are an amazing tool that offers a wealth of educational opportunities for students and teachers. Students can stay in touch with teachers, keep their work organized and communicate with others without getting frustrated. Teachers can make sure that each student can get the individual attention that is needed outside of class. The teacher also knows that the child is engaged, confident in their learning ability and motivated to do better in school.