What Is Distance Learning?

What is distance learning? Distance learning is the taking of any class where you are not actually present in the classroom. In the past, distance learning classes were completed via snail-mail. Students would complete coursework and mail it to their professors. Today, distance learning classes are completed primarily online. In fact, students today can complete their entire degree without ever stepping foot on a college campus.

Why Distance Learning Is Effective

Not everyone has the time to go to class for a scheduled block of time. Anyone with a varied schedule at work may not know if they would be able to make their 11a.m class on a regular basis.

When you go to class online, you don’t have to worry about skipping class to take care of other commitments. You do the work whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Reading materials and lectures are posted online for perusal at your convenience.

Due dates for tests and papers are usually given at the beginning of the semester. This allows the the online student to plan their semester around their life instead of the other way around. If you are really motivated, you can do the work ahead of time to get it out of the way.

The best thing about distance learning is that students of all ages can take advantage of it. An older worker who wants to get certified in IT can take classes online along with his son who just started college in the fall.

what is distance learning

Is Distance Learning For Everybody

Distance learning is for anyone who needs a little flexibility in their lives. You don’t have to complete your entire degree through online courses. You can take just a couple of classes online to help you get enough credits for the semester.

There are many online schools that are accredited. This means that you are eligible for financial aid just like any other student would be. This allows you to pursue your degree without having to worry about money standing in your way.

Online Learning May Be Good For Those Who Have Trouble Focusing

Sitting through a lecture at 8a.m isn’t for everyone. If you are a night-owl, have ADD or just cannot focus for long periods of time, distance learning may be for you. This is because you can take breaks whenever you find yourself wandering.

Sticking to multimedia presentations may make the class more interesting for you. Interacting with your classmates through message boards may help keep you focused as well. The bottom line is that taking a class online may fit your learning style better than sitting in a classroom.

If you don’t like to work in groups, taking a distance learning course may be for you as well. You may be forced to collaborate with other students, but you won’t have to schedule meetings and spend a Wednesday night in the library.

How To Tell If A Distance Learning Program Is Legitimate

The best way to determine if a distance learning program is legitimate is to look for signs of accreditation. Check with the USDE to confirm that a school is indeed accredited. If they are, you know that you are in no danger of being scammed or mislead.

Take courses through well-known schools if at all possible. Check to see if a local school has an online degree program that offers credit toward your degree. For some programs, you may be able to check with the BBB to see if there have been any complaints regarding the school.

Look for programs that others that you know have been enrolled in. Ask about their experiences and if using a particular online school was worth it. You have to choose an online school just like you would any other school. Finding a good school requires that you take some time to do your research.

Distance learning is a great option for anyone who wants to get their degree as soon as possible. Students of all ages can take advantage of this opportunity to learn at their own pace. Enjoy the benefits of a flexible schedule, being able to learn from wherever you are and interacting with students online. If you are serious about getting your degree, look into distance learning as a viable option to accomplish this goal.

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