What to Bring to College: The Smart Student’s Guide

Your time at college is practically guaranteed to be one of the best times in your life, but there will still be a period of transition when you first arrive. With so many things happening as you get ready to go, it’s easy to forget something you’ll need once you’re living on campus. Here’s a list that will simplify your packing.

Cooking Supplies

A microwave is probably one of the best things you can bring to school. When you’re pressed for time and need a fast meal, just pop something in the microwave, and you’ll be eating in minutes. To expand your menu, bring a mini-fridge as well. This way, you can stock a bigger selection of your favorite refrigerated and frozen foods. Be sure to also bring a full range of paper plates and disposable utensils; you won’t be able to wash dishes easily in your dorm.

what to bring to college

Coffee-Making Supplies

There’s nothing like strong coffee when you need to study late or get up early after a long night of partying or just hanging out. Energy drinks will also keep you awake, but drinking coffee will save you money that can be better spent on school supplies or food. Buy a decent coffee maker; you may be using it quite a bit, and you definitely don’t want it to break down when you need it most. Be sure to grab coffee filters and a big can of good, cheap, ground coffee.

Computer Equipment

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, so you’ll probably want to bring a laptop rather than a desktop PC if possible. Bring Ethernet cables so you can hook up university-provided Internet and pack a laptop case so you can protect your computer as you travel between classes. Depending on what your roommate brings, you also might want to grab a printer for your laptop. Bring headphones if you want to enjoy games and multimedia on your computer on your schedule; this way, you can remain in peaceful harmony with your roommate, who may be sleeping or studying when you want to have fun.

Bathroom Necessities

Be sure to bring your soap, shampoo, shaving cream and toothpaste with you to college. The last thing you want to do is look or smell bad as you meet new people and make new friends in classes and at parties. Take flip-flops, a robe and a bathmat so you can bathe at the communal showers in comfort and avoid getting athlete’s foot. Bring manicure supplies to keep your fingernails and toenails looking great, and finally, pack some extra toilet paper so you don’t become known as a toilet paper hog at your dorm hall.

Dorm Decorations

You’ll want to cooperate with your roommate in choosing decorations, but definitely bring photos and keepsakes from home so you don’t forget where you’re from. Depending on how you like to handle your schedule, you may want to hang a whiteboard on your wall to keep track of assignments, appointments and parties. If you’re an artist, take some of your art with you, and hang it up to help keep your creative juices flowing.

Miscellaneous Items

Bring your cell phone, its charger and your billing plan so you’re never out of touch with friends and family. To make sure it’s easy to register your car on campus, pack copies of your vehicle’s registration and insurance information. If you think you might end up hosting friends overnight in your dorm, consider keeping a sleeping bag to make your friends more comfortable. Finally, bring your own luggage in case you want to sleep over at a friend’s dorm once in a while.

The Most Important Thing: A Great Attitude

Of all the things you can bring with you to college, your outlook is the most important. Arrive at school with a can-do attitude and an openness to new experiences and people, and you can’t go wrong. Have fun, and remember, amidst all the classes and studying, that this is also supposed to be one the greatest adventures of your life. Savor it and make memories you’ll cherish forever!




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