NFL Players with Advanced Degrees

Many people may think of football players as stupid or not being as intelligent as the rest of us. The truth is, NFL players have to have lots of smarts and athletic talent. It takes a lot to be able to read and understand an entire NFL playbook in just a few months time. Quarterbacks have to be able to listen to and relay a 12-word play every 30 seconds during a football game. With that said, which NFL players have an advanced degree.

Current NFL Players With An Advanced Degree

Several NFL players had already graduated before entering the NFL. Among them include the following:

Robert Griffin III The man commonly known as RGIII has built up quite a resume for himself on the football field. The number two overall pick in the 2012 draft won the Heisman Trophy in 2012 as well as leading the Baylor Bears to 10 wins in the 2011 season. Off the field, RGIII has an M.A in Communications from Baylor University. As of the NFL draft, the degree was still being completed. However, he is expected to complete coursework for the degree, if he hasn’t already.

Greg McElroy Greg McElroy is current the third-string quarterback for the New York Jets. While he might not have the highest profile on the field, he has made the most of his time in the classroom. McElroy graduated from Alabama with an M.A in Sports Management. This means that he’s not only one of the NFL players with a graduate degree, but he also has the distinction of being quarterback for one of the greatest college teams of all time. That’s a pretty good way to make the most of your time in college.

Former Players To Get An Advanced Degree

Steve Young Steve Young was famous for his playing days with San Francisco. He lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in 1995 when the 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers. That was considered one of his greatest games ever as he finally got out from under the shadow of former 49ers legend Joe Montana. While Young received accolades on the field, he also received accolades off of the field as well. He graduated with J.D from BYU. This means that he graduated with a law degree after he graduated with an undergraduate degree. It is not everyday when you meet someone who was a Super Bowl champion quarterback as well as a lawyer.

Byron White This man has lead quite the life on and off the field. He was an outstanding running back at Colorado, played in the NFL, was a Rhodes Scholar, went to Yale and was a Supreme Court justice. How much more could one person accomplish in their lifetime? White was able to balance his education and his passion for playing football nicely. He actually took time off between college and his time in the NFL to participate in the Rhodes Scholar program at Hertford College in Oxford, England. White received his J.D from Yale.

Myron Rolle He is among one the more interesting stories of NFL players who have played football and also received a graduate degree. Like White, he also declined an opportunity to play in the NFL to take part in the Rhodes Scholarship program. After he received his degree, he returned to the NFL with the Tennessee Titans. The most interesting part of his story is that he would have been a high pick in the NFL draft if he were not so adamant about his studies. Some draft experts had him going as high as the first round. However, it is more likely that he would have been a third round pick.

David Klingler David Klingler was a highly touted draft pick of the Cincinnati Bengals after playing for the Houston Cougars in college. However, his football talent never really took him far as one of the better NFL players. He bounced around the league for several years as a journeyman backup quarterback for several franchises. When his playing days were over, he went to work studying the Bible. His studies led him to getting his Th.M and Ph.D from Dallas Theological Seminary. From there, he became a professor at the school specializing in Old Testament studies. He also teaches at other seminaries in the Houston area.

This list of NFL players serves as inspiration for anyone who thinks that sports and education are mutually exclusive. Anyone who wants it bad enough can become a professional athlete as well as graduate with an advanced degree. You may need to put one ahead of the other at times, but everyone can accomplish both goals at some point in their lives. You are the only one holding yourself back from doing whatever you want to do in your life.