Microsoft or Mac: Sound Off!

When getting a new computer is on your to-do list, whether it is for yourself or laptops for students, an initial decision whether to buy a Microsoft or Mac computer will help focus your search. An answer to the question, “Is Mac better than Microsoft?” depends on a number of factors. The cost of buying a computer is a factor that concerns most people. An advantage of windows computers is that they cost less to buy initially and do many of the same tasks that Mac computers do. But is initial cost your driving factor when deciding on Microsoft or Mac? When new operating systems (OS) come out about every couple of years, new versions of Microsoft need to be purchased and installed to use programs based on the new Microsoft Windows OS.

Microsoft or Mac? Advantages of a Mac

An advantage of Mac computers is that users need to replace computers less often. Mac computers come with iOS, an operating system exclusively for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and Pro, and desktop Mac computers, and the iOS is updated frequently without additional cost. Another advantage of Mac computers is if you or the person for whom you are buying a computer has other Apple devices. Buying a Mac computer makes cross-platform use easy. For instance, entering a new appointment on the calendar on one device updates other Apple devices automatically. Also, Mac devices look and work easily and similarly, so there is less confusion when switching devices.

Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop: Microsoft or Mac?

Whether the computer is a Mac or a Microsoft computer, you’ll also need to decide what size and shape of computer to buy, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Portability is best with a tablet but also good with a laptop. Desktops are better not moved from place to place. A tablet’s portability advantage may be overshadowed by its limitations. The built-in tablet touch keyboard can frustrate touch typists. For non-typists, however, a tablet such as the best selling iPad that allows voice input can make it easy to reply to emails. If someone wants a keyboard plus portability to take a computer on the road or to class, laptops for students would be a good fit. No matter what type, almost all computers connect wirelessly to the Internet.
microsoft or mac

Work, Play, Music, Graphics … any Difference Between Microsoft or Mac?

What the computer will be used for is another major factor in your decision. Software programs are written for both the Mac and Microsoft computers. If the computer will be used for work or school, either a Mac or Microsoft computer can serve the purpose, as all permit word processing, spreadsheets, browsing the web, playing music, showing movies and playing games. Artists and composers often prefer Mac computers for their superior graphics and ease of use. Microsoft allows people to customize the hardware extensively by adding memory chips and tweaking settings and even building their own computer with components. The Mac Pro laptop is the most customizable Mac model. You can install a Windows OS or Linux OS on a Mac, but not the other way around (i.e., you cannot install a Mac OS on a Windows computer). Generally, there are fewer problems with computer viruses with Mac computers. Good anti-virus programs exist for Microsoft computers, but they must be kept up-to-date to be effective. Overall, if you want trouble-free connectivity and performance, choose a Mac.