How Can an iPhone Help with Your Online Education?

If you are thinking about buying the new iPhone 5, you should consider how it can help you with your school work. Yes, the newest phone from Apple can be an amazing tool that can assist you in your quest to finish your online degree. In what ways will the iPhone 5 help you with your education?

iPhone 5 Runs On The 4G LTE Network

This means that the iPhone 5 runs on the fastest network in the world. You get blazing download speeds and the ability to run several applications on your phone at the same time without bogging down your phone. You will now have the ability to chat with friends, watch videos and stream movies without worrying about how fast everything will run. The last thing you need is to miss out on something because your network is not fast or reliable.

You Can Use Apps To Network With Other Students And Professors

Using your smartphone to network with other students and professors can give you an advantage when you eventually graduate. Consider apps such as or ScanBizCards to help with your networking efforts. allows you to create a more personalized version of a LinkedIn profile. ScanBizCards allows you to take a picture of a business card that will get stored on your phone. If you ever need to contact that person again, you will have their information already on your phone.

Do Your Homework From Wherever You Happen To Be

Your iPhone 5 gives you the ability to do your homework wherever you are. This means that you can complete a quiz during your break at work, before your next class or even while on the road during a trip. Just make sure that you are a passenger if you are going to be working in the car during a trip. The new iPhone is going to be smaller and lighter than previous versions of the phone. This means that it is even more convenient to tote around compared to a tablet or laptop computer.

Accessories Make The iPhone 5 Even More Versatile

There are many accessories for your phone that make it even more powerful. Consider adding a wireless keyboard that makes typing on your iPhone 5 just as easy as typing on your laptop. Your phone will be the only thing that you will ever need to use again to help you complete your online degree. The iPhone5 will also be coming out with new earphones that are designed to be more comfortable. If you listen to music while doing your homework, you will enjoy these. It also makes it much easier to listen to lectures or other videos on your phone.

If you are a college student who is thinking about purchasing the new iPhone, you should certainly make the purchase. Students who go to school online will have a powerful tool in their quest to get their degree. Listening to lectures, downloading videos and doing work on-the-go are all things that you can do with ease when you have the iPhone 5.