Get My MBA Online

If you want to get your MBA, you should seriously consider doing so online. It is estimated that nearly one in four students take at least one online course while completing their MBA. The reasons why an online MBA is so popular include flexibility, cost and the relative ease of acceptance at most schools.

How Much Does An Online MBA Cost?

The costs of getting your MBA online depend on several factors. Fortunately, you don’t need to figure the cost of room and board into your tuition costs. You can also keep your job if you want to because you study when it is convenient for you. However, you can expect to pay at least $10,000 to get your online MBA. The higher range for tuition is around $75,000 to complete your degree.

Is It Easy To Get Accepted Into A Program

Your odds of getting accepted into a program depend on where you apply. Schools like the University of Phoenix tend to accept just about anyone who applies. However, many schools apply the same admissions standards to their online programs as they do for their traditional programs. This means that you need to do a little research to determine if you will be accepted into a particular program or not. You can always call the school to ask about their admission requirements before you apply.

Combined Programs Are Also Very Popular

Getting your MBA exclusively through online courses may not be suitable for all students. However, many schools offer combination programs that offer courses online as well on campus. These programs still give you more flexibility than a traditional program while giving you the ability to interact with your fellow students and professors in person.

This personal interaction can help because you never know when you might get a response to an email or a forum query. If you get a response that you don’t understand, it could take several messages before your question is answered in a meaningful way. The odds of getting an unsatisfactory reply to your question are lessened when you can ask your question in person with proper context.

Get Two Degrees At Once

There are many schools that now offer you the chance to get dual degrees online. The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is among one of the best dual degree online MBA programs in the country.

These programs allow you to further accelerate your learning to help you get out of the classroom and into the working world as soon as possible. You can’t start making a great living for yourself until you have your degree in hand.

Getting an MBA will open doors for you as you advance in your career. Your professional knowledge will serve you well as you apply for great jobs with amazing companies. Taking your MBA courses online can help you save money, gain the flexibility in scheduling that you need and possibly even allow you to get two degrees at once. This is why online MBA degree programs are so popular.