Fast Job Growth Continues for College Grads

In the last 20 years, job growth has constantly gone up – but only for those with education after high school. According to a recent study* by the Georgetown Center of Education and the Workforce (see chart below), even during recessions (the gray years on the chart), persons with a college education have had access to jobs. People with only high school diplomas have suffered ongoing and dramatic job declines – especially since the recession beginning in 2008. Even NOW, job growth is limited to those with college degrees … and not just 4-year degrees. Jobs are also on the rise for those with AA Degrees (i.e., two-year degrees); in fact, jobs that require AA Degrees have grown by 300% compared to jobs that only require a high school diploma.

fast job growth 4 college grads

A corresponding fact that can be found on the website for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ( is that people without college degrees are twice as likely to be unemployed than people with college degrees.** Only 4 percent to 5 percent of people with a BA Degree are unemployed. That means the vast majority of the unemployed are people that only have high school diplomas, or they dropped out of high school. (NOTE: this doesn’t even include those persons who consider themselves “underemployed.” Underemployed means that you’re smarter than the job you’re currently doing – and should be getting paid more.)

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