Degrees in Web Development: Emerging Trends

Degrees in Web Development - Emerging Trends for 2014Degrees in Web Development – Emerging Trends for 2014. Have you ever looked at a website and admired the graphics, colors and overall appearance? This creativity comes from web developers. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing for a living, you’ve come to the right site to learn all the important facts about a web development degree and what it’s like as a career.

How to Become a Web Developer

Becoming a web developer can be accomplished through a couple different paths. Educational requirements may be as little as a high school diploma or as high as a bachelor’s degree. The most common credential is an associate degree in web design, web development or a similar field. To successfully complete a web development degree, the student should be knowledgeable in both graphic design and computer programming.

The associate degree program generally prepares students to work as web developers. Those who have interest in web architect or more complex and technical position are often required to complete a bachelor’s degree program in computer programming or computer science. Experience in web design or computer science is very beneficial to the web development student.

As a student in a web development program, you’ll become familiar with Linux/Unix, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL database development and management, basic scripting, JavaScript and computer programming. At the end of the program, students are prepared to design, build and maintain their own websites using a specific computer programming language. Many aspiring web developers also take courses in graphic design.

To be successful as a web developer, the candidate should have good concentration, good customer service skills and must be detail-oriented. It’s also important that the student keep up with each programming language that comes out on the market.

Different Types of Web Development Degrees

As stated above, the type of degree that most web developers have is usually dictated by what type of web development they’re interested in pursuing. Generally, students complete associate degree programs, and that’s sufficient to get them started in web development. They either gain more knowledge and experience through on-the-job training or they choose to advance their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree either in this field or a related field. Bachelor degrees usually prepare the student for various web development related occupations.

Earn a Web Development Degree Online

Students who, for one reason or another, can’t attend college on campus have the option of earning a web development degree through distance learning. The National Center for Education Statistics indicates that there are several colleges offering web development programs through online education. Students can listen to lectures live over the web or choose to listen to the lived recorded versions at their convenience.

Online education allows the student to pursue their degree while continuing to work at their regular job. In some cases, the student may be required to complete an internship to get real experience doing web design. If this is a requirement for the program, it usually comes at the end of the program after the student has completed the coursework.

Job Outlook for Web Development Graduates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that web developers would see a job growth of twenty percent between 2012 and 2022. The increase in ecommerce and internet purchasing contribute to the faster-than-average growth and continue to keep web developers in demand. Also contributing to this demand is the increased use of mobile devices and users browsing the Internet from these devices.

The BLS also reported that the highest level of employment for this occupation in 2013 was found in California, Texas, New York, Florida and Washington. Web developers who are experienced may advance their education and become project managers or computer and information systems managers. The job outlook usually varies with different careers in web development. With so many types of web development jobs available, job outlooks can really vary.

Average Salaries of Web Developers

According to an August 2014 report, web developer salaries ranged from under $46,000 to over $85,000. The average annual wage was $63,549 with the lowest ten percent earning $46,713 and the top ninety percent earning more than $85,000. Salaries can also vary by location and the developer’s experience and training.

As of May 2013, the top-paying states for this profession were District of Columbia, Washington, Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts, according to the BLS. An interesting fact is that U.S. News & World Report states that web developer salaries are lower than related technology jobs.

Coming Trends in Web Development

The year 2014 brings about a lot of changes in the field of web development with the trend steering towards building faster apps that can be used in a variety of devices with an increased use of 3D graphics with mobile-friendly devices. web developers will be focusing on the HTML 5 canvas, which is expected to bring designs that are brighter and more impressive than ever before.

Client-size technologies will be utilized to build faster and better apps. There will also be an increased use of front-end framework and HTML5 videos. The new EU cookie law will require developers to notify users if cookies are being used and also to get their permission.

Another trend in the field of web development will come in the way of web apps that allow the user to view media. It’s steering towards finding weird and out-of-the-ordinary ways to view graphics and media. One example is the Glass browser, which allows users to control the graphics with a nod of the head, a touch sensor or even by voice. The process of drag and drop is also becoming huge with web development. It can safely be said that the coming year is bringing about many new and exciting changes for the web developer.

Related Fields to Web Development

Listed below are some occupations or fields that are very similar to careers in web development. You will also find the education requirements for the occupation as well as the wages earned for this career in 2013.

  • Software Developer – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $93,350
  • Multimedia Arts & Animator – Requires Bachelor’s Degree $61,370
  • Computer And Information Systems Managers – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $120,150
  • Computer Programmer – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $74,280
  • Computer Support Specialist – Requires Associate Or Bachelor’s Degree – $48,900
  • Graphic Designer – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $44,150
  • Desktop Publishers – Requires Associate Degree – $37,040
  • Drafters – Requires Associate Degree – $49,630
  • Art Directors – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $80,880
  • Information Security Analysts – Requires Bachelor’s Degree – $86,170

Working as a web developer allows the individual to put his or her creative mind to work designing graphics, videos and more. It also prepares them for several types of Web development jobs or even web development related occupations.