Degrees in Business: Emerging Trends

Careers Available with Business Degrees

Degrees In Business Emerging Trends in Business & FinanceBusiness is a driving force. It drives the economy here in the United States and also abroad. Business plays a role in everything from the stock market to the sustainability of small towns throughout the country. It also has a great deal to do with our relationship with countries throughout the world. If you want to play a role in the world of business, you should consider getting your business degree. Are you unsure about the careers in business available to you with your business degree? Here’s a quick glance at some of top business degrees and their average salaries:

  • Entrepreneurship; Median Wage: $159,000
  • Business Administration; Median Wage: $63,000 to $137,000
  • Finance & Accounting; Median Wage: $78,000
  • Advertising & Marketing Management; Median Wage: $116,000
  • Market Research Analyst; Median Wage: $60,000
  • Convention & Event Planners; Median Wage: $46,000

Most Popular Business Degrees And Business Careers … in More Detail

Entrepreneurship & Business Administration / Operations

If you’ve always dreamed of running a business, you will need to know everything from operations to finance to human resources to sales. Regardless of whether or not you want to run a small business or a large corporation, without knowledge, your chances for success are slim. A degree in business can propel you into a career as an entrepreneur or business administration manager. As a business operations/administration manager, you will be responsible for all the components necessary for running a successful business – from infrastructure to hiring to profits and losses. You must be detail-oriented and able to manage your time well in order to succeed in this career.

Finance & Accounting

Another popular career in business is financial advising. Careers in finance are expected to grow at a 16% rate, which is higher than the average. Financial experts can work with individuals as personal financial advisors or with large corporations. Your education will help to prepare you for advising others on how to save, invest, and spend their money wisely. And with many baby boomers reaching the age of retirement, more people than ever are facing the reality of having the necessary resources to live their “golden years.” You could be that person to help them stay on track to meet their retirement goals. This is a career that is in high demand in the professional business world as well. If you would like to work with businesses as a financial advisor, you will be responsible for helping them to achieve all of their financial goals. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) often make annual salaries as much as $200,000 – so there’s almost no ceiling if this is a path you want to take.

Market Research Analyst

There are a number of emerging careers in business. These careers focus heavily on analyzing current trends in business. You can work as a research analyst and analyze the current trends in consumer or in business relations. It takes an expert to make projections on consumer spending and demand dynamics; after all, you don’t want to encourage a company to invest millions of dollars into a product that no one is going to use. Also, as a market researcher, you’d be advising companies on how to package and market their products better. In addition, it’s critical that companies know current trends in consumer spending in the market, analyze those trends, then make recommendations that will impact the operations of large and small corporations, alike. New companies, new markets, and new ideas, will also need talented business professionals with a keen eye for business.

Earn your Business Degree Online

Business is the most common major in college, and according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business graduates out-earn people without degrees. So, in order to work in the lucrative field of business, you must have your degree. If you’re thinking of pursuing your education, an online education may be the way to go. With an online education, you can continue working at your current job and work your school classes and homework around your busy schedule. If you’re already working in the business field and would like to advance in your career, going to school and working in the field will be helpful once you graduate and are looking to advance. Sometimes promotions are strictly based on who has more education. An online education can help you excel in the business world.

Hiring Statistics Growing for MBAs

Maybe you already have a degree in business, but you’re looking to rise to the top of the field. With an MBA, or Master’s of Business Administration, you will stand out as the cream of the crop in business. Business professionals with an MBA are highly skilled business professionals that have almost countless options available to them because of their skills. As a broadly educated business professional, you’ll typically have more flexibility within an organization. Even if you’re just starting your education, making it a goal to one day earn your MBA is a wise choice.

Business is a popular career field because it is such an integral part of society. You can be sure that jobs in business are not going out of style. As a business professional, you will be a part of the driving force of society.


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