What Are the Cons of Online Education?

Cons of Online Education – Technology

People who are looking to pursue on online education need to step back and assess what are the cons of online education. Though technology is speeding ahead to allow for students to take classes online it does not mean that all are prepared to do so. Unfortunately technology moves quicker than most people can learn it. Certainly the online schools attempt to make their classes as user friendly as possible, but there are still instances that an understanding about how a certain piece of technology works is necessary. Along with the knowing how to actually use technology there is also the always present danger of there being glitches in the programs or for something to completely fail. For example if a storm comes through the area one lives in and causes damage to the cables for the internet service provider the question becomes when will the cables be fixed? Though most online colleges understand when these instances do occur it puts pressure upon the student to find the time to catch up with work they may not have been able to access and for work they already needed to turn in. Technology has brought great innovations and capabilities to our world, but there is still the possibility for the technology to fail or have a problem which would not occur when going to traditional classes.

Cons of Online Education – Too Much Freedom

In what are the cons of online education something that is typically considered a pro can turn into a con. With online classes there is freedom in the timeframe in which assignments, quizzes, and tests can be turned it. Since the student does not have to go directly to a classroom at a specific time they are given a period of time to complete each thing as they need to. This allows busy parents or works the freedom to do their assignments at their convenience. However, it becomes a con if the student does not have the discipline to do the work. Using that freedom poorly means assignments do not get completed and quizzes and tests are failed. There are many distractions in our lives that could prevent us from accomplishing the goal of becoming a graduate. Whether it is friends calling, texting, or stopping by or something awesome comes on the television that must be watched, there are distractions that do not occur in a traditional classroom setting.

Cons of Online Education – Accredited but Not Standardized

Quality questions arise when looking at what are the cons of online education. These quality questions start with the fact that though an online school might be accredited there is no firm standardization on coursework yet. This would mean school A and B are both accredited and highly regarded, but when comparing the coursework there could be glaring discrepancies since schools have a wide discretion on what they choose for coursework. Beyond the standardization problems many educators have observed and pointed out that there are just some things that cannot be replicated in an online classroom environment. The lack of social interaction between a student and their peers and instructor can lead to a less rigorous form of learning. In the realm of quality questions technology also creeps into the mix since it is possible for an instructor to struggle keeping up with the evolution of technology. With technology there is always updates and changes that can confuse and frustrate student and instructor alike.

Cons of Online Education – Conclusion

Technology can be a wondrous thing and can bring about some fantastic change, but it also can frighten and intimate some people. Online education runs on the backbone of our ever evolving technology structure and this structure changes faster than most people can learn. This fast pace can lead students not getting the same education as they would in the traditional classroom atmosphere whether it is by virtue of their own lack of knowing how to use something or the instructor struggling to keep up with the changes. Technology creates new frontiers and like in most frontiers things move faster than rules or standardization can handle. This is the same with online education leaving even accredited schools teaching different things for the same course load. Plus there are just some things that can only be taught in a face-to-face environment. The lack of social interactions can lead to poorer teaching methods and the lack of a structured class time can leave some students wandering off and failing to accomplish what they need to do. Distractions need to be managed for the online class experience to succeed. Free time needs to be scheduled as class time and not be replaced by friends or a television show. What a student is capable and willing to do needs to be assessed when asking what are the cons of online education.