Careers That Don’t Require Math

There are some people that are outstanding when it comes to learning mathematical principles. However, there are some people that can barely add 1+1 without needing a calculator. If that sounds like you, there is no reason to believe that you won’t have the chance to find a rewarding career path. In fact, there are many great careers that do not require math at all. Here are a few careers that those who are math challenged can pursue without fear.


It’s probably pretty obvious that one of the many careers that do not require math are¬†professional writers. The only time you will have to add anything is when you are figuring word counts or the amount of your next paycheck. Otherwise, you will concentrate on things such as character development, grammar rules and making sure that your work actually says something.

The good news is that almost anyone can become a writer of some sort. The internet has allowed anyone with the ability to type the chance to write for a living. Bloggers can write web content on just about any subject imaginable. Content sites are always looking for writers who are looking to put their own spin on a variety of breaking news stories, personal interest topics and other categories.

Many types of writing exist in the marketplace. Technical writers will write specs for anyone who needs to put something together. Advertising copy writers will write the ads that you see on television. Jingle writers will be responsible for creating those catchy songs that you hear on commercials.

Don’t forget, you can make a lot of money if you become a famous author. People such as Stephen King are known throughout the world for the work that they do. If you are willing to put the time into the craft, you get a lot of it without having to know a lot of math to succeed.


This is another great career that requires nothing more than basic math skills in order to get by. Historians will be required to be avid readers, good at listening and have great talking skills. Mostly, they will be reading old texts, listening to the views and ideas of others and teaching classes to students and others who are interested in historical topics.

You will be required to make connections and see the parallels between events that have happened in history. For example, you may need to learn why the Civil War happened and what it has in common with other civil wars around the world today. However, you will not need to know any equations or scientific formulas for why things happen they way that they do in the world

The most rewarding aspect to being a historian is that your job is never done. There are always exciting discoveries that change the way we look at how things happened in the past. As you get older, you can use your own knowledge of the past to help determine why things happen the way that they do today in a variety of different areas of life.

Professional Athlete

Most people think that you have to be Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady to be a professional athlete. However, you only have to get paid to play a sport to become a professional athlete. There are leagues all around the world that allow people to get paid to play a game.

As far as math goes, you only have to be able to do simple addition and subtraction. Most sports count any type of goal as one point. Basketball is two or three points and football has a maximum of six points for any score. Anyone who can’t add those kinds of numbers can always use a calculator if need be.

As an athlete, your physical skills will determine how successful your career is. No one is going to ask you for the square root of seven after you score a touchdown. Scoring the game winning goal is not going to come down to whether or not you can tell the referee what the circumference of a circle is.

It is true that you have to be somewhat good at match to calculate your statistical performance for each game. However, there are usually people employed by the team or league to do that for you. If you want to know your shooting percentage in a game, someone will have that number handy for you.

Plenty of Careers that Do Not Require Math

Not every career path requires you to have an extensive understanding of mathematical principles. While an engineer would certainly need a math background, there is nothing stopping you from making good money for yourself if you don’t have a good understand of math. Some of the greatest people in the world decided to become writers, historians or athletes instead of finding the 49th digit of Pi.