Are Energy Drinks Like Red Bull Good for You?

We live in a world where it isn’t unusual to be running on just a few hours of sleep. This is because there are many demands put upon our daily lives. For example, you may have to work a 12-hour shift at work, spend another few hours in class and then come home to a screaming baby that won’t go to sleep. In that case, an energy drink may provide a much needed boost. However, is it safe for you?

The Key Is Always Moderation

Drinking a single energy drink is not going to hurt you. In fact, if you drink them in moderation, it isn’t much worse than drinking a daily cup of coffee. In both cases, you are getting an increased dose of caffeine that will help wake you up and get you going for the day. However, you should try not to drink more than one or two a day at the very most. There is a lot of sugar and other chemicals that are put in the drinks to give you that energy boost. A single 12 ounce can of a typical energy drink has more sugar and caffeine than even the sugariest soda. Drinking too many energy drinks can leave you jittery, hyperactive, and unable to sleep at night. Once the drink wears off, you are going to feel more lethargic than you did before. This means that you will have no choice but to grab another energy drink.

Never Mix Energy Drinks With Alcohol

In recent years, it has become popular to mix energy drinks with alcohol. While this creates the impression that you are more awake and less drunk, the truth is that it is just masking the impact of the drinks that you are consuming. Drinks such as Four Loko that were sold with alcohol in them have been banned in some states. There is no way to lessen the impact that an alcoholic drink has on your body. Once it is in your system, the only way it leaves is by giving it time. Mixing a Red Bull with your drink is not going to help you drive home. In fact, it can actually make things worse for you. If you don’t think that you are as drunk as you are, you will be tempted to drink even more. This can lead to alcohol poisoning and other negative consequences that are associated with excessive drinking. You could get into a car crash, say something you regret, or do something even worse.

Avoid Energy Drinks If You Have Heart Issues

When you drink something with sugar in it, your body gets a bolt of adrenaline. You are jolted awake and your nervous system starts working harder. This will ultimately put more stress on your heart to keep pumping blood to your body. Most healthy people can handle pretty large doses of caffeine in their systems. However, doctors warn that those with health problems can see negative health effects from drinking too many energy drinks. In a worst case scenario, you could even die from drinking a single energy drink. Again, healthy people will not die from consuming an energy drink. But, if you have any health issues at all, consult your doctor before drinking any sort of energy drink. You could be putting yourself in a world of danger that you don’t even know about.

Teenagers Should Stay Away From These Drinks

Teenagers should be highly discouraged from drinking energy drinks. The biggest reason is that teenagers need more sleep than other age groups. Energy drinks are a great way to lose sleep at night. This means that an average teenager could be grouchy, irritable and unable to perform well in school. There may also be concentration issues during class. It is hard to sit still during a movie or lecture when you are shaking because you have ingested so much sugar. This can lead to discipline issues that could lead to other consequences in the future. Teenagers are still developing physically. They don’t have mature immune systems and other body structures that can handle the extra sugar. While an adult can handle several energy drinks in a day, a teenager may not be able to. Parents should monitor what their children are drinking on a daily basis to make sure that they are safe. It should be noted that childhood obesity is caused partially by ingesting too much sugar. A healthy adult will certainly be able to drink an energy drink without too many issues. However, teenagers and those with health issues should stay away from them at all costs. Keep in mind that healthy adults will still suffer from issues such as obesity, tooth issues due to the sugar as well as possible hyperactivity. Therefore, these drinks should be consumed in moderation and without any alcohol added. As with anything else, you have to be responsible for what you put in your body.